Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last Sunday, I drove up to Fred to join my sister Bonnie & co (Kristen, Melissa, Sharon, Crystal) at an antique/flea show. It was huge and there were a lot more (and better) vendors this year than last year. We had a good time strolling up and down the aisles checking out all of the booths. One booth had a bunch of old printers drawers and wood block letters/stamps. When Melissa and I saw it, we both gasped. Melissa immediately started rummaging through the letters and decided to make a sign for her last name/family. She got an old cheese box from the guy and carefully picked her letters. Of course I had to do the same because I have wanted a sign with our last name and wedding date.


My sign. I had to settle for just 2008, since there were slim pickings on the 1's. This will do though. I already had a cheese box at home that my sister got from Amish country in OH several years back.


Melissa's sign. How cute?!


Kristen's sign. She put her wedding year on it too. I like it because all of the letters fit perfectly in the little mini drawer.


I bought these little salt jars for $1 at the show. They are so cute. I have one by the kitchen sink on the windowsill for rings when washing/cooking if I don't want to wear my rings.


This is all I bought at the show. The drawer is a mini version of the bigger one of mine that I turned into a jewelry display. I will do something similar with this one. Bonnie got an antique microphone to add to her mic collection. Sharon got a heavy garden turtle. Kristen & Sharon both got a neat little French spice container. I can't remember what the other girls got besides the signs. It was fun!

After the show everyone headed to Olive Garden to have a birthday lunch for Melissa. I brought cake pops for dessert.


Cake pop bouquet in a little mason jar.


Bright pink birthday cake pops!

We ended the day at Hallmark for last minute Valentine's Day goods. It was a good Sunday.

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