Friday, February 4, 2011

Cook's Illustrated prints.. a few entries back I mentioned how I wanted to frame some of my favorite Cook's Illustrated prints and hang them in the kitchen. Well, I did it!

I framed 4 and hung them up so far. They are cute. The backs of the Cook's Illustrated magazines always have such awesome prints.

Here are mine all framed and hanging:





Also, we hung up some other pieces around the place. Above the couch we have this (and I have 2 big frames to hang up next to it with 2 big prints of some of our NYC photos):


Along the stairs we have a wall full of framed family photos. On the opposite wall along the stairs we have started a wedding wall and I have added this:


(We have other frames up on the wedding wall, which I'll share later.) My sister Natalie gave the frame to us this past Christmas and I wasn't sure what to do with it. I recently figured out it would be great for our wedding wall. Thanks Natalie!

And this is hanging on the wall above Bob's tank:


I'll share some photos of the family wall and more of the wedding wall later.

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