Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Time to start seriously planning our anniversary. I have thought about it, but now that I have a better idea of things that are going on around that time, I can start seriously making plans. It falls on a Monday this year (11/15), and I have an exam that day for one of the "fun" classes I am taking for free this semester (I am taking 2 history courses this semester just for fun). There's no way to take the exam any other time, so I figured I can suck it up and deal with it.

I plan on taking that week off from work, and we'll go somewhere that weekend, get back in time for my exam, and then have the rest of the week to honor the occasion. It'll only be our second wedding anniversary, but it's weird to think that we have been friends for well over a decade now and "together" for 9.5 years. Time really does fly.

This is my husband Daniel:

On to the research..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Final Act


Final Act

Authored by Daniel H. Brown

An actor dies during the performance of a play. Follow the police interrogations and the actions of those involved in the incident to uncover the mystery. Was it a horrible accident - or murder?

My husband is a published author! His novel Final Act is now available for sale. It will be listed soon on other retailers, like amazon, but for now it's on createspace.

So exciting!

Monday, August 23, 2010


The windows in our bedroom are different sizes. The one on the side of the house is smaller than the one on the front of the house. So, when we hung the curtain hardware last night, we measured it so it's the same on both windows (so the smaller one looks the same size once the curtains are hanging-we did the same thing in the living room downstairs). I was just going to hang one panel on each window, but the big window is too big for that, so I hung 2 panels on it. Now I need to get 2 more for the other window so it all matches......

Time to get new drapes!

From Kohl's website:

I don't think I would choose red, but this is the idea.

From Bed Bath & Beyond:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Knakal's Bakery

Knakal's Bakery..Quite possibly one of the best bakeries on the East coast.

Knakal's Bakery
146 East Davis Street
Culpeper, VA 22701

In other news..Paula Deen is coming to Richmond to the Landmark Theatre. Guess who is going??? Me!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Life

Just a few photos from around the house..

Campbell's Soup Warhol-style in the kitchen

Flowers from my husband..he loves me :)

Dr. Wily relaxing.

Bob just hanging out.

Trying my hand at broccolini..mm!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Trash or Treasure?

Yesterday when I got home, I found a cart similar to this outside by the trash area.

Pathetic, I know..for finding it by the trash. Not that I am one to go digging around the trash, but I noticed this from where I parked my car. I walked over to it and it was in really good condition. So, I went inside and asked Daniel to help me bring it inside. I think one of our neighbors is moving out, because there were some other pieces of furniture and stuff out there too. The cart looked practically brand new. The only difference between this one and the one I actually have is the color of the wheels (the one I have has white wheels, photos to come). Before I brought it inside I cleaned it off and scrubbed it really good. We moved a couple of pieces around in our little nook area and now we have a new storage piece as well as a good size table top if we want to use it for that.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Rimmel Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick.
Color: Vintage (#26)

This is my favorite shade of lipstick. It goes on smooth and stays on all day/night. It's the perfect shade of pink!

Ikea kids

The new Ikea catalog has a couple of really cute toys for kids in it (as well as tons of other awesome things for adults). These caught my eye:

Duktig breakfast set, fruit basket set, dessert set, and vegetable set.

I mean, how cute are these? All for under $8 each!

The next time I go to Ikea, I may need to pick these up. I'm not one to buy things for kids I don't have, but this is definitely something I would want my kids to play with. These sets would also make great gifts for kids too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Green Eyes..

A recent eyeshadow/eye color quiz gave me this result:

"Golden brown, taupe, rich purple, peach and violet shades will set off green eyes, and emphasise them as a striking feature. As a general rule of thumb, purple shades will work well on green eyes, so look for plum and violet shades."

I have green eyes and I'm not ashamed. They are a darker green, almost like an army green, and they tend to stand out more depending on whatever color I am wearing.

These are my kind of eyeshadows:

What are your favorite shades for your eyes?

Let's FACE it..

There's no denying that all of us have suffered at some time or another with a breakout. I'll be the first to admit that although my skin might look nice right now, I still get a breakout every now and then.

Neutrogena's advanced 3-step acne therapy system is something that has definitely helped me. It smells a little weird but you get used to it after using it religiously..and it's worth it. It's clinically proven to start clearing breakouts in 2 days. "Clinical studies prove that this system works to quickly reduce breakouts and delivers lasting results when used as directed. Clinically proven to: kill acne-causing bacteria on day 2, 4, and 7; reduce blackheads on day 4 and 7; reduce redness and inflammation on day 4 and 7; improve skin texture on day 4 and 7; reduce full-face breakouts on day 7."

St. Ives Apricot Scrub. This is an all-time fav of mine-I have been using it forever. I go through phases with it though, like when I think something isn't good enough for my face, I try this again and it works like a charm.

"From America's #1 Scrub brand, this award-winning Apricot Scrub deep cleans, instantly leaving skin smooth and glowing.

Oil-free • Non-irritating • dermatologist-tested • 100% natural exfoliants • 100% natural extracts • Formulated without parabens and phthalates • Made without animal ingredients • Not tested on animals
Key Ingredients

APRICOTS are known to contain one of the highest levels of carotenoids (think vitamin A) and super-effective antioxidants. All of this natural power might seem, well, too powerful, but they are actually quite gentle and nourishing and they help make fresher, more nourished skin beautifully possible.

CORN KERNEL MEAL is actually flour ground from dried corn. It’s a soft, but gently powerful all-natural exfoliant that promotes skin cell turnover and regeneration. Cornmeal makes softer-feeling, fresher skin possible.

WALNUT is known for its hard shell, but when it’s ground, it becomes an amazingly effective, all-natural exfoliant ingredient in our scrubs. Not only are walnuts plentiful on the planet, they also help newer, healthier skin come to the surface."

St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub. This one is sort of new to me, but I really really like it. It smells great and it's really soft, even though it's a scrub. It just feels really good on the face, like it should.

"This dermatologist-tested scrub can actually help to clear and soothe your skin as well as reduce redness. An active blemish-fighting ingredient fights the flare-ups, while 100% natural exfoliants encourage healthier, clearer skin."

On to the face..these are just some of my favorite cosmetics that actually help my skin.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick

"Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick conceals undereye circles and skin imperfections.

This dermatologist-developed formula contains Pro-Retinol, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to help improve skin tone and texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines. The creamy smooth formula provides effective coverage with easy blendability. Conceals skin imperfections while conditioning and softening skin."

Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer
"Features MicroClear® technology to quickly reduce the appearance of blemishes for clearer-looking skin. Developed with by dermatologists, this oil-free and non-comedogenic formula is easy to apply and provides natural-looking color. Cover blemishes for a beautifully flawless look."

Healthy Skin Loose Powder

"Provides flawless, natural-looking coverage while softening and conditioning skin.
This whisper light, velvety soft powder provides a beautiful matte finish without a powdery look. The dermatologist-developed formula contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamins C and E to help soften and condition skin. Light diffusers soften the look of fine lines and minimize imperfections.
Skin looks fresh all day."

Maybelline Foundation-Dream Liquid Mousse.

"Air-whipped formula provides skin perfecting coverage.

* Smooth, 100% poreless finish with natural luminosity
* Air-brushed natural perfection
* Blends effortlessly for a flawless, air-brushed finish.
* Oil-free, Fragrance-free, Dermatologist Tested, Allergy Tested, Non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores.
* Safe for sensitive skin, good for all skin types"

Maybelline Foundation- Dream Smooth Mousse

"Unique cream-whipped foundation provides 100% baby-smooth perfection.

* Skin looks and feels hydrated for 14 hours - never rough or dry
* Lightweight formula provides perfectly moisturizing coverage
* Blends seamlessly and feels fresh all-day
* Oil-free, Fragrance-free, Dermatologist Tested, Allergy Tested, Non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores.
* Safe for sensitive skin"

Some of my favorite current fragrances..

Just some of the fragrances you may notice if you are around me..

Of course, girls have tons of perfumes, fragrances, soaps, shampoos, lotions, sprays, etc. I never was huge on wearing a ton of product, but there are just some things I never leave home without wearing. Like a good classic clean and crisp perfume.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

This one is my all time fav. I have been wearing it for years now and always get compliments on it wherever I go. I could be in line at the grocery store or Target and someone will ask me what I'm wearing. It could be really anything that I have on, from the lotion on my feet to the moisturizer on my face..but I always share that it's Light Blue. In fact there have been some days when the only thing I put on might have been Light Blue..and I've still gotten the compliments. So it only makes sense..

"A stunning perfume, overwhelming and irresistible like the joy of living. Surprising and colored: the liveliness of Sicilian citron, the happiness of Granny Smith apple, the spontaneity of bluebells. Feminine and resolute: the intensity of jasmine, the freshness of bamboo, the charm of white rose. Deep and true: the character of cedarwood, the fullness of amber, the embrace of musk."

Sicilian Citron, Bluebell, Granny Smith Apple, Jasmine Sambac, Bamboo, White Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk.
Deep and true."

Trivia: This was my "something blue" on my wedding day.

Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker Eau de Parfum Spray

"Launched by the design house of Sarah Jessica Parker in 2007, COVET is a women's fragrance that possesses a blend of Geranium leaves, Lemon, Honeysuckle, Chocolate, Lavender, Lemon, Amber, Musk, Teakwood

A stunning blend of fresh green notes, gorgeous florals and sensuous woods that instantly draws you in and won't let you go."

I wear this fragrance if I'm going somewhere at night. It definitely has a little sultry feel to it.

This little perfume .08 oz. is so handy! It's great to carry in a clutch if you're going somewhere and still want to carry a little more fragrance with you.

White Citrus fragrance mist by Bath & Body works

"* Fragrance Top Notes: Lemon Zest, Sparkling Grapefruit NP, Juicy Tangerine
* Fragrance Mid Notes: Mandarin NP, Ginger Flower, Waterlily, Apricot Nectar, Lily of the Valley, Freesia
* Fragrance Base Notes: Clean Woods, Sheer Musk (Captive)"

Not exactly a fragrance but it's still a good scent. I always carry a travel sized bottle of this with me during the spring/summer time. It's nice especially after coming back to the office after being outside in the mugginess. It's very fresh and crisp.

Now on to some other things that are not exactly fragrances but still smell great on my skin..

Tutti Dolci Apple Torta Creme Body Wash

"A daily taste of la dolce vita. Just a few drops of this luxurious Creme Body Wash will whip up a foam of sweet deliciousness. Sweet Almond Protein helps moisturize and soften... whild the scent evokes moments of indulgence in Apple Torta."

Body wash doesn't always have to be fancy, and this really isn't. I bought tons of these at a Bath & Body Works sale a while ago, so I am stocked up for a long time. I just love the smell and the way my skins feels after using it. It's very refreshing but comforting-it's definitely a favorite of mine this time of year, especially as we draw closer to fall. It takes me through the holidays too.

Green Tea and Cucumber Bath & Body Works body wash
"This fragrance blends fresh cucumber essence with natural green tea to create a therapeutic scent."

This is another favorite of mine from Bath & Body Works. I also stocked up on this one at the last big sale..it's so classic and clean smelling. It never gets old. It's more of a green tea scent than cucumber (never have been a fan of cucumbers), so it's really nice smelling.

Olive Body Scrub by the Body Shop
"Best if you want to: Reveal brighter, smoother skin with exfoliating crushed walnut shells and crushed olive stones in a creamy body scrub.

Best for: normal to dry skin
How it works:

* Community Trade organic olive oil conditions skin.
* Sunflower oil moisturizes and softens skin.
* Carrot oil and root extract replenish lost moisture and nourish skin.

The Body Shop® difference: Community Trade isn’t exclusive to the developing world. The moisturizing olive oil in our Olive range comes from an area in Italy that has produced olives since the Middle Ages. The Nuovo Cilento co-operative formed as a result of people abandoning the land to seek work elsewhere. In a remarkable story of success over adversity, the co-op has cut out the middle man to sell their organically produced olive oil directly, maximizing their profit and so preserving their traditional way of life. It’s another example of how Community Trade is helping a community and the environment."

This is great because not only is it good for your skin, it's also great for the environment. It's another one of those classic clean scents, and it's fun to use for some reason. Olive might turn some people off, but trust-this smells good.

So, what are you wearing?