Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's FACE it..

There's no denying that all of us have suffered at some time or another with a breakout. I'll be the first to admit that although my skin might look nice right now, I still get a breakout every now and then.

Neutrogena's advanced 3-step acne therapy system is something that has definitely helped me. It smells a little weird but you get used to it after using it religiously..and it's worth it. It's clinically proven to start clearing breakouts in 2 days. "Clinical studies prove that this system works to quickly reduce breakouts and delivers lasting results when used as directed. Clinically proven to: kill acne-causing bacteria on day 2, 4, and 7; reduce blackheads on day 4 and 7; reduce redness and inflammation on day 4 and 7; improve skin texture on day 4 and 7; reduce full-face breakouts on day 7."

St. Ives Apricot Scrub. This is an all-time fav of mine-I have been using it forever. I go through phases with it though, like when I think something isn't good enough for my face, I try this again and it works like a charm.

"From America's #1 Scrub brand, this award-winning Apricot Scrub deep cleans, instantly leaving skin smooth and glowing.

Oil-free • Non-irritating • dermatologist-tested • 100% natural exfoliants • 100% natural extracts • Formulated without parabens and phthalates • Made without animal ingredients • Not tested on animals
Key Ingredients

APRICOTS are known to contain one of the highest levels of carotenoids (think vitamin A) and super-effective antioxidants. All of this natural power might seem, well, too powerful, but they are actually quite gentle and nourishing and they help make fresher, more nourished skin beautifully possible.

CORN KERNEL MEAL is actually flour ground from dried corn. It’s a soft, but gently powerful all-natural exfoliant that promotes skin cell turnover and regeneration. Cornmeal makes softer-feeling, fresher skin possible.

WALNUT is known for its hard shell, but when it’s ground, it becomes an amazingly effective, all-natural exfoliant ingredient in our scrubs. Not only are walnuts plentiful on the planet, they also help newer, healthier skin come to the surface."

St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub. This one is sort of new to me, but I really really like it. It smells great and it's really soft, even though it's a scrub. It just feels really good on the face, like it should.

"This dermatologist-tested scrub can actually help to clear and soothe your skin as well as reduce redness. An active blemish-fighting ingredient fights the flare-ups, while 100% natural exfoliants encourage healthier, clearer skin."

On to the face..these are just some of my favorite cosmetics that actually help my skin.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick

"Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick conceals undereye circles and skin imperfections.

This dermatologist-developed formula contains Pro-Retinol, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to help improve skin tone and texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines. The creamy smooth formula provides effective coverage with easy blendability. Conceals skin imperfections while conditioning and softening skin."

Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer
"Features MicroClear® technology to quickly reduce the appearance of blemishes for clearer-looking skin. Developed with by dermatologists, this oil-free and non-comedogenic formula is easy to apply and provides natural-looking color. Cover blemishes for a beautifully flawless look."

Healthy Skin Loose Powder

"Provides flawless, natural-looking coverage while softening and conditioning skin.
This whisper light, velvety soft powder provides a beautiful matte finish without a powdery look. The dermatologist-developed formula contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamins C and E to help soften and condition skin. Light diffusers soften the look of fine lines and minimize imperfections.
Skin looks fresh all day."

Maybelline Foundation-Dream Liquid Mousse.

"Air-whipped formula provides skin perfecting coverage.

* Smooth, 100% poreless finish with natural luminosity
* Air-brushed natural perfection
* Blends effortlessly for a flawless, air-brushed finish.
* Oil-free, Fragrance-free, Dermatologist Tested, Allergy Tested, Non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores.
* Safe for sensitive skin, good for all skin types"

Maybelline Foundation- Dream Smooth Mousse

"Unique cream-whipped foundation provides 100% baby-smooth perfection.

* Skin looks and feels hydrated for 14 hours - never rough or dry
* Lightweight formula provides perfectly moisturizing coverage
* Blends seamlessly and feels fresh all-day
* Oil-free, Fragrance-free, Dermatologist Tested, Allergy Tested, Non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores.
* Safe for sensitive skin"

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