Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Green Eyes..

A recent eyeshadow/eye color quiz gave me this result:

"Golden brown, taupe, rich purple, peach and violet shades will set off green eyes, and emphasise them as a striking feature. As a general rule of thumb, purple shades will work well on green eyes, so look for plum and violet shades."

I have green eyes and I'm not ashamed. They are a darker green, almost like an army green, and they tend to stand out more depending on whatever color I am wearing.

These are my kind of eyeshadows:

What are your favorite shades for your eyes?


  1. i have green eyes, and i'm not ashamed.

    lol...we need a support group!

    i love purples and pinks on my eyes since they make the green stand out more! also, my eyeline is a purplish brown to make them pop even more :)

  2. have you tried the Almay intense 0\i-color line? they have the products separated by eye color and offer shades that will accentuate that eye color...they did all the work for us. and their eye shadow is very powdery and light. there's nothing worse than oily or clumpy eye shadow.

    except maybe glitter...