Friday, February 18, 2011

Cool news!

Cool news christmas cactus is growing!

I bought this little guy back before Christmas. I took a Christmas greenery basket to the lake house for the Heath-Esker-Fernandez-Brown-and more Christmas celebration. And when I bought that one, I bought this little christmas cactus.

I finally repotted him in one of my pyrex 501 fridgies last week.

Here is the first photo I took of him:


He was looking a little rough..when I repotted him some pieces fell off.. :(

Yesterday I checked him out and took another photo. Now look at him!

christmas cactus

He has at least 5 little new guys sprouting! I am so excited.

My grandma always had this huge christmas cactus on her heavy gigantic marble coffee table. I loved that plant! It was always growing and she took such great care of it. I always think of her when I see christmas cacti. I hope I can keep this one growing. I would love to be able to grow one like she did!

Of course, when it needs repotting, I will just move it up to bigger pyrex pieces. Those 404 bowls are huge and would be the perfect fit for a big christmas cactus.

Also, last night I made this for dinner:


Pasta with tomato cream sauce..the Pioneer Woman's recipe. It was sooooo good! I made some chicken to eat with it, too.

You can check out her recipe/instructions here:

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