Friday, February 11, 2011

4. A picture of your favorite night

This photo is from our wedding. November 15, 2008. Obviously, it is my favorite night so far. Our wedding ceremony started at 5pm, and it lasted about half an hour or so. Maybe a little longer since we wrote out all the vows and different things to be said during the ceremony. My sister Bonnie (a bridesmaid) and Daniel's sisters Georgia & Paige each did a special reading, and my brother-in-law Nathan was our officiant. My sister Natalie and friend Kristen were also bridesmaids, and my brother was my honorary attendant. Daniel's brothers Jonathan, Jerrod, and Joe were groomsmen, and his sisters were his honorary attendants. It was great having everyone who was so close to us up there with us.

This photo is from an iphone, back when the iphones were just starting to become really popular..the person who took this photo (Phil) was still trying to get used to using it. I think this photo is neat because it's a real shot from where our guests were seated..may not be crystal clear or anything, but it's special. It's more special now because I just noticed that Phil must have been sitting behind Daniel's Nana when he took the photo-you can see her on the left of the photo, so it's almost like her point of view during the ceremony. Sweet.

The reception was amazing and we hear from friends/relatives all the time how much fun they had. We had a long time to plan our wedding and reception (engaged for 2.5 years before the big day), and anyone who knows me knows how precise and exact I am about everything turned out exactly the way we wanted. We have no regrets.

After the party was over, we drove off to start our honeymoon, first at Richmond's historic Jefferson hotel. On the drive there as soon as we left the Manor House (where our wedding was), we both saw a shooting star fly across the night sky. If the deal wasn't already sealed then, I am 100% sure that did it. We owned it.

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