Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I'm Loving..

What I'm Loving..

24. We started watching it again since the only thing we have to watch on tv are dvd's. So far we have watched seasons 1 & 2, and the first couple episodes of season 3. It's a great show, but I think I just really like Kiefer Sutherland. I mean, who doesn't? I think that's a pretty good reason to like it.. Watching the seasons, you can really see how much Kiefer grows into his character-he is so much better in later seasons than earlier ones. That could all just be part of the character too though, the fact that the character endured so much in his life to make him the way that he is is probably one reason why he seems so much "better" or more appealing, to me anyway. You just have to watch to see what I mean.

There's also supposed to be a 24 movie sometime next year, so watching all of the seasons again to understand everything that happened will definitely help. I'm sure you won't need to do that to understand the movie but they will most likely bring back older characters people have forgotten about, or bring up other things that happened in past yeah. I'm loving 24 all over again.

Dinner parties. I wish we had more of them. It is going to be interesting trying to set anything up like this in our new place, since there's no dining room. I think we can manage something though..somehow. I know when we do finally have a house we're going to host tons of awesome dinner parties.

This is the turkey we made last year for Thanksgiving. Fall is quickly approaching! I found this photo and wanted to share it again.. :D

Origami. This is a photo of 519 origami cranes. When Daniel proposed to me in 2006, he laid out 519 origami cranes in a trail (he was at the end of it with the ring). I held onto all of those cranes and recently strung all of them up. I plan on hanging them somehow in our bedroom, but I am still working those details out.

While I was in origami mode, I also decided to purge some pieces. We have accumulated tons of cranes and other origami pieces, so we sorted everything and I counted all of the other cranes we had..


This box contained 1,286 origami cranes! They were of various sizes, papers, textures, materials, etc.. So I posted about them on facebook and said I was giving them away for free. One of Daniel's classmates (from VCU back in the day)contacted me, her name is Sheena. Sheena claimed the cranes! I won't share what she is going to use them for; that's something I hope she will share later when the time is right. She is such a doll and I am so happy that I was able to give them away to someone who really wanted/appreciated them. Of course, there are plenty of cranes I thought looked bad in that box, but she can pick through them and use the ones she really wants-I know she is really grateful for them. So it's a win win situation for everyone!

A husband who can bake.

The other week I came home and Daniel was mixing up a batch of cookie dough from scratch. This photo is the scene that I saw when I walked in the house. He was using a wooden spoon (so it wouldn't scratch) on my 404 primary yellow pyrex bowl. How sweet! He made a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and took most of them to work, which is how I like it. I don't want a ton of cookies sitting around. In fact, that's usually how I roll. When I bake, I share it with people I know. I might help myself to a little tiny amount, but the thrills and pleasures I get from baking are the reactions and happiness of other people when they try some of whatever I made.

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  1. I can't believe fall is here, but I'm happy about it. Glad to see a What I'm Loving post, too :)