Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dr. Wily

Dr. Wily has been at the ERvet since Friday night. This is his second night there..I miss him so much.

He has been acting strange since we moved this summer, but we were giving him time to get used to his new surroundings. He has seemed okay lately, I know he has been stressed out because of the move. We switched him from dry food to wet food a few weeks ago, because we wanted to make sure he was hydrated enough. I don't think he likes the way the water here tastes (we moved from city to county), and to be honest I noticed it tasted different too.

So yesterday after work Daniel and I went to a jewelry show here in RVA, and when we got home I noticed Dr. Wily was acting strange. He was meowing/whining a lot but it wasn't because he was hungry..when we fed him he just turned his nose up at the food. He didn't want to drink anything and he just laid around looking weird..

He was breathing weird too, and his stomach was twitching. I looked at his litter box (which was just cleaned the day before), and noticed he hadn't been immediately I put two and two together and realized he must have been blocked somehow.

A little googling led me to find out he probably had a urinary blockage. Daniel took him to the ER vet in carytown and they said that was the problem. He had to get a catheter so they could flush out his tract and relieve his bladder. Poor kitty.

They also did xrays and discovered he had bladder stones. They gave him some treatment for that and did more flushing out and said that they think the stones are actually crystals so they were flushing more of those out today and giving him plenty of fluids to keep him fully hydrated. He turned his nose up at their food because it smelled weird to he is in an unfamiliar place.

They called us again after they did more xrays and said it looks like the stones are breaking down (or are just a bunch of crystals), so they were working on all of that to get him back to normal.

We went by today to visit him. I was really upset (and have been since last night). Knowing that he is in pain just breaks my heart..but the vet said that he has been really well behaved and was just the nicest cat they have seen lately. They said usually buff cats like that are mean and nasty, but DW was really fun and nice. So that made me feel better (and I am sure they say that to everyone)..but he is in good hands. We spent some time with him and I gave him a little kitty toy (a little stuffed cat that we got him a long time ago), and he immediately was purring and seemed really happy (he could probably smell home on it). He has a cone on his head so he doesn't mess with the catheter and stuff, and he looked a little uncomfortable but I can imagine any of us would be in that situation..I am also sure he probably feels a lot more comfortable now than he did last night.

The vets said that they thought we caught it really early and they were glad we brought him in when we did. I read online that some people wait too long and the toxins end up taking their cat's sad.

We just called to get another update and they said he is doing well, they are syringe feeding him because he won't eat on his own (but can you blame him..). They are gonna call us in the morning for another update, but if anything changes they will call before then. I am relieved that he is okay and that he doesn't need surgery at this point..before they thought that might need to be done but later said it's not necessary since his stones are breaking down into crystals and he is able to pass them. They said his urine production is looking good too.

I feel so sad having him there in the hospital but I know he is in the best place he can be right now because they are making him better. He might be able to come home tomorrow but we shall see..I just want him to get better so he can be healthy and happy back at home. We rescued him when he was a kitten, (he's 5 years old now), so we've had him since before we got engaged & married. He's become our's been the three of us for 5 years now. He is a big part of our life..I don't want to think about how things would be without him. He's too young for that to happen.


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