Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crock Pot meal

Yesterday I made a pot roast in the crock pot..the kind Lora recommended. It came out SO good..

I put it in the crock pot after I got back from the farmers' markets. I mixed up the three packets and coated the roast with the mixture, and then added in the 1 cup of water like the recipe instructs. I chopped up a small onion and threw that on top, and I also had some carrots and potatoes I bought from whole foods last time I was there so I washed, skinned, and chopped those up and threw them in on top of the roast too. (Didn't want them going to waste). I didn't add any more water, I just left it alone. I took a nap for a little while but I could already smell everything, it smelled sooooo good..

After about 6 hours, I checked on it, and it seemed like the vegetables were all cooked already. I guess the steam from the water really helped them cook-they all looked awesome. I added some salt and pepper and mixed them up and put the lid back on top.

After 8 hours, I knew everything was done..but I waited for Daniel to get home from work so I kept the crock pot on warm..when he came home he could smell everything and thought it was awesome..he said he didn't know how I could wait because he couldn't.

There are no photos, but I will definitely take some next time. It was the best pot roast we have ever had and I think this will be the way I make it from now on. It was so easy too, anyone who doesn't feel like a great cook or who is scared of cooking could definitely do this.

Thanks Lora!!!