Friday, September 17, 2010

The Plan


so it looks like we'll be making a reservation here..this is the breakdown of our plan:

leave late thursday night, arrive early friday morning in chinatown (take the bus, it's $80 round trip for both of us together).

spend friday morning/afternoon making our way through chinatown, times square, etc. i know there will be a lot to see/take in, so we'll just take our time.

no real shopping but take note of places to shop at in the future. nothing wrong with browsing though, but no real shopping on this trip. it's not that kind of trip.

check in at the b&b, leave our stuff there (we will each have a backpack so we don't have a ton of junk with us, it's just a weekend trip). dinner, broadway?

then we'll have all day saturday to do whatever in the city-maybe see the bronx zoo? the brooklyn bridge? natural history museum, ground zero, coney island, statue of liberty, tiffany's (just because), empire state building, central park, etc etc etc. take the metro every where. ride in at least 1 taxi, even if it's just a short trip. take the ferry. some of this stuff can be squeezed in on friday too if we happen to pass it on the way to the b&b. there's so much stuff that is a must-see that i don't want to miss all of the other little it'll be a lot of random doing-whatever-we-want-to-dos.

then we'll be heading back sunday night, so anything we can't squeeze in on saturday we'll have to do before we leave on sunday.


  1. Below is from Maureen - a veteran New Yorker... :) have fun.

    "Word! I've heard really good things about that B&B. Also it's close to many of the trains, and you get to experience an area of NYC that most people don't, which is great. I love Harlem, so it's great that she's staying there!"

  2. not checking up on you, but just wanted to make sure this was in a good neighborhood from someone who lives there :)

  3. thanks k-and no extra worries, we checked in with some of our friends from nyc too. :)