Thursday, September 16, 2010

New york city?

lovers of ny i think..?

New York city for our anniversary?

We'd have to leave thursday night/friday morning (11/11-11/12)..and come back on sunday (11/14)

Can it be done?

Should we drive ourselves there (drive to hotel, pay for parking, etc), or take a bus/fly?

$76 a person to leave Richmond by greyhound thursday night and arrive in NY early friday morning..and to leave NY sunday afternoon to arrive back in RVA that night. (it's $38 each way per person) So that's a total of $152 for transportation to & from.

it'd be close to $360 for the 2 of us to fly there and back (through airtran), AND we'd still have less time there.

the bus looks like the better way to go..even with flying we'd still be traveling just as long, and it'd be such a hassle to go through security and all of that just for a little weekend trip. i also like the times that the bus gives us.

if we drive ourselves, we'd be going through a lot of tolls, using a lot of gas, sitting in a lot of traffic, possibly getting lost or angry or stressed out..yeah. not how we want to spend our weekend.

since i have a midterm on our actual anniversary (for one of those "fun" classes i am taking..and there's no way to reschedule that test), i'll be able to force myself to study more while we are on the bus traveling. driving myself, i wouldn't be able to, and i get too drowsy while flying so that's not an option there either.

daniel's been to nyc a few times, but i have never been and always wanted to go. now is our chance..?


  1. Personally, I would drive. You could leave really early Friday morning. You'll make it to NYC in 6 hours. Depending on what hotel you stay at you should be able to get parking free with your stay. And you can just ride the subway or walk around the city. :)

  2. pretty sure i can get you free lodging in a guest bedroom in inwood next to a park...and some great restaurant recommendations from a true new yorker! :)

  3. also doesn't airtran have $68 flights from RIC to LGA?

  4. it's all good.
    thanks for the ideas!! driving is definitely not an option, daniel hates it here so i know he won't like it there..and i can't study if i'm driving or worried about him. i can study on the bus, and sleep too, so we are well energized for our awesome trip.

    found an awesome BnB in harlem for an awesome deal, gonna book it tonight i think. sooo excited.