Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Holiday Card time..

It's time to start thinking about our holiday cards..I have several holiday stamp sets and plan to use them this year to make our holiday card. I want to send the same card out to everybody this year. I do have some boxed holiday cards that are pretty cute, and I'll use those as back ups I guess, but I do want to make all of my cards this year.

A friend and I are planning on getting together sometime soon to spend a day making our cards. I want to be prepared ahead of I have been brainstorming ideas and looking online for inspiration.

The splitcoast stampers website has galleries where you can look up a brand and stamp set to see cards made with that set..I have found some really beautiful cards on there.

Look at these amazing cards:

This one by Julie:

This one by Di:

Vera's lovely card:

another one by Julie:

Lauraly made this one:

This is by Kris:

Aren't they all just lovely? I am in awe over them. I want to make a gorgeous card this year.


  1. I'm seeing a common theme in all these cards and they're all beautiful! have room for one more at your card day? or 2 more for me and bonnie? :)

  2. we're still working out a date for it but it will be soon. i'll let you know! :D