Monday, September 13, 2010

Time to re-do the bedroom

This is the bed we have; a queen sized Sorum bed by Ikea. This is one of the few photos I could find online of it (from an old catalog):

(definitely not new!)

And we have these pieces in the bedroom as well:

Now..I was thinking of staining the bed and the dresser with a dark brown stain, to make everything match. When I originally bought the bed and dresser (both from Ikea), I purposely got them in plain wood so I could stain them later if I wanted to change 'em up. Looks like it's about time..

I have never had an issue with either pieces of furniture. I think a good staining and some new drawer liners for the dresser will be awesome. The bed will look completely different as well, and I was thinking of making some headboard cushions for it. The photo from the catalog has cushions on it, but our headboard doesn't. It'll be a nice change. Could get a nice fabric in a coordinating color to make as the cushions, and then use velcro to attach them to the headboard.

We also have some canvas-like window panels on each of the windows. I'm thinking we should paint the walls in the bedroom since we can't do anything about the carpet. It's new carpet but I really miss our hardwood floors from the last place.


  1. Are you allowed to change out the flooring in the house? If so, you can get that flooring that we put down in the townhouse kitchen/dining room. It's cheap and DIY. :) I think staining the IKEA furniture will def change the look. What color are you thinking of painting the bedroom?

  2. We can't change the flooring. The carpet is brand new, they put it in right before we moved in. I don't think the flooring would work because the carpet is too soft and would make it bulge up and maybe crack the panels and stuff, so it'd be a waste. More research I guess.

  3. Well since it's new carpet I'm sure it's nice. :)