Monday, September 13, 2010

What's under the cart?

Remember that cart I picked up for free a few weeks ago?

Here is a sneak peak of what's hiding under it:


It holds my big jar of cookie cutters (which I slimmed down so they would all fit in the jar), my cake carrier, my tupperware veggie tray, and other bulky/odd items that don't really have a proper place in the kitchen cabinets. Yay for saving space! And even better, since we now have our little bar shelf, we don't have to use this for an extra table. I can use the top of it when I am baking, instead, if I need more space.


  1. Is this cart in a closet? I can't tell. I'm really curious to see you new place. Is it ready to come see yet?

  2. It's as ready as it's going to be for now. You are welcome over any time.

    The cart is in front of a window in the nook area by the kitchen. It's covered up.