Thursday, September 9, 2010

DIY Bar Shelf

We wanted a pub table or a bar type of table to go on this one wall in the nook area before you get to the kitchen (since we don't have a dining room anymore :( ). I looked every single place I could possibly think of and find in the greater Richmond area, and nothing I found satisfied me. I even checked craigslist, stopped by a few yard/garage sales, and nothing.

Then, after a long day of hunting by myself, Daniel and I decided to go to Home Depot together. For some reason I thought they would have what I was looking for. I naturally walked back to where their shelf supplies are, and we instantly decided to make our own bar shelf.

All we did was purchase the shelf piece (in espresso wood), and then 2 brackets to support it to the wall. We also purchased the bar stools from Target (which I love because they match our coffee table perfectly). I can proudly say I assembled the stools myself, while Daniel hung up the shelf.

Now we have more seating room, and a table to actually eat at!

It might seem a little small for some, but it's plenty big enough for us & what we need it for. It is just the two of us, so we're good.

On the wall above it, I hung my family photo frame. I am missing a couple of people in the frame but I will add them as time goes on.

Also, I found this cute little desk at the thrift for a couple of bucks. I decided to paint it the same color as my pyrex cabinet..I am still not done painting it (as you can see), but I think it's simply adorable. I have a couple of old wooden sewing drawers I may stick in the drawer area, and it can hold our mail and stuff like that. Cute!

And, I got these cute Fire King gingham milkglass mugs..a quarter a piece. I may go with this theme for our kitchen..they match my apron perfectly!

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