Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My Pandora mix is interesting. You can choose stations and they will play music by artists who are similar to the ones you chose for your stations.

I have the following stations:

Damien Rice
Jack Johnson
Rufus Wainwright
Dave Matthews Band
Counting Crows
Tori Amos
Foo Fighters
Howie Day
Matt Nathanson
Modest Mouse

Sometimes Johnny Cash will pop up. Other times I get a lot of Jason Mraz. And a lot of Smashing Pumpkins. And Fuel. And Tom Petty. Random.

It's weird though, because I hear pretty much all of my stations on every station..and my stations are not even blended together. Pandora really has a cool way of determining stuff you might like.

I always thought I had a wide variety of music..and I know pretty much every song that's ever on the radio at a given time. But my Pandora stations make it seem like I only like a certain type of music..when really I like a lot. Daniel doesn't get how I can have such a huge musical library in my head. It's so big, that I recognize notes in songs and can compare them to other songs, even classical piano songs. He says I have a good ear. I like to think I have a diverse taste in music.

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