Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cargotrike Cupcakes

A couple months ago I noticed a cupcake cart near my office..but hesitated before buying anything. The day I first saw it, it looked pretty it has been in the back of my mind.

Yesterday I was out on lunch and walked by the cart again. This time there was a sign out with the flavors of the day, as well as some other merchandise for sale (like crocheted cupcakes!).

The special cupcake yesterday was I got one.


It came packaged in this cute little natural brown kraft box, tied with yarn. It was very neat and simple. The cupcake was $2.50.

When I got back to the office I took some photos..


The cupcake was so perfect looking, and it tasted perfect too. The cake was just right-the picture doesn't even show it, but it was sooo soft and just perfect. It didn't crumble apart, either. Everything stayed intact and was just right.


They have a website:

From the website:

"CargoTrike Cupcakes sells cupcakes that are 100% homemade from scratch. In order to promote sustainability, CargoTrike Cupcakes are transported using only alternative transportation(mostly with a cargo tricycle) and unbleached Natural Kraft paper boxes were used for packaging.

Started out as a girl’s silly ambition of one day owning a bakery, CargoTrike Cupcakes has developed into an idea that promotes sustainability and the DIY culture while selling delicious cupcakes. As a recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Richmonder of 10 years and an immigrant, I consider myself deeply rooted in the River City. I came to appreciate it’s history and unique culture, and CargoTrike Cupcakes is aimed to become a part of Richmond’s novel vibe."


It's such a cute idea and I really hope the business is successful. I definitely think these cupcakes are way better than any of the other cupcake shoppes in Richmond. Props to Cargotrike Cupcakes!!

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