Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NYC notes

Harlem Bed & Breakfast

Metro card

Rockefeller center; ice rink, radio city music hall

Central Park

Times Square

Majestic Theatre

Empire State Building


Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge


Tom's Restaurant (for the photo of the outside..hello, seinfeld)

Natural History Museum

Grand Central Terminal

New York Public Library

Staten Island Ferry

Daniel's Bagels (569 3rd Ave [37th/38th Sts)

Economy Candy (108 Rivington Street)


  1. I hear Grimauldi's Pizza is THE best. Ii think it's in Brooklyn - but looks like your weekend is jam-packed!

  2. thanks for the info..i am sure there are a zillion pizza joints in ny..we're just gonna go to a random one just to get some pizza once while we're there, we don't plan on going to any real restaurants while we are there.