Thursday, October 14, 2010

J.Crew Regional Warehouse Sale!!

There is a J.Crew regional warehouse sale going on in Richmond! It's running from 10/7 through 10/17.

The location & hours are:
Former Good Wood store
TJMaxx shopping center
9125 W Broad St
Richmond, VA

10am to 8pm now through October 17th

Some of the prices:

Non-sweater tops $10
Shorts/skirts/pants/capris $20
Men’s chino’s $15
Cashmere sweaters $40
Other sweaters $20
Dresses (non-wedding) $25
Jewelry $10
Other accessories $8
Leather handbags $30
Non-leather handbags $20
Swimwear per piece $3
Jackets/coats $50
Shoes $30
Sandals/espadrilles $20
Leather/suede boots $50
Rubber flip flops $2
Red line items $5

There were some wedding sample dresses too which all looked beautiful..

If you've ever shopped at J.Crew then you know what the prices are like regularly. The fact that I can get a good pair of leather boots for 30% off the warehouse sale price (I got a coupon!!) is sooo awesome.

I was there yesterday to stake things out-going back on Saturday with a friend after our big work event before it's all gone.

does anyone else think this j.crew model has hairy legs?

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