Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Sunshine Makers

When I was a kid, we had a vhs tape with some different old timey cartoons on it. For some reason, I watched it a lot and my favorite cartoon from the video was The Sunshine Makers (by Van Beuren animation studio).

It has been years since I have seen it. The tape was probably thrown out or something in the early 90's. All I know is I watched The Sunshine Makers so many times and I still remember the music and songs from it to this day.

A few years ago I googled the storyline but could not come across anything on the internet about it. Today for some reason I googled the storyline again and I came across a thread on metafilter discussing it. Some of the people there provided links, like this one here on Amazon.

The Amazon listing is for a dvd, but it must be similar to the vhs tape we had. Some of the other old cartoons on there I vaguely remember.

The Sunshine Makers is public domain now. I found out today that it is from 1935. It's about little happy guys who battle with little sad guys. In the end, everyone is happy.

It's creepy watching it now. While the cartoon is only about 7 minutes long, it's weird watching it and thinking of all the themes and other things going on. Here is a link to it on youtube, and here is a link to it on

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