Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daniel's dream come true

The weekend we were coming back from Roanoke, we drove through downtown Charlottesville to try and find some little place for dinner. We ended up passing an old theater and Daniel saw a poster in the corner of his eye for something familiar..so he got out of the car and took a photo:


This past Saturday evening we drove out to C-ville just for this special screening. Of course, it was for Jaws. Why else would we drive for 45 minutes just to see a movie? Especially since it's a movie we've seen a hundred times over.


Daniel has always wanted to see Jaws on the big screen. Jaws was also the first movie my parents saw on a date back in the beginning of their relationship, 36 years ago this summer.


We went to The Paramount theater to see the 7pm showing.


We picked up our tickets at will call (we ordered online the day before).


Inside the theater lobby was free food and beer, so that was pretty cool. The theater itself was so gorgeous inside and very very clean. I didn't take any photos once we were inside the place but the outside was pretty cool too. Next time we are out that way and have time, we are definitely going to take a longer stroll through the market place area where the theater is. (When we drove by the theater the weekend before, we were on the side of the street where the BACK of the building is, and they had a small poster advertising it. We notice Jaws that much wherever we go. The front entrance is in a market/shopping area that is pedestrian access only..pretty cool!)


The best part about the whole evening was my husband had a huge grin on his face during the entire showing of the movie. Love!

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  1. i heart charlottesville! last time we were there we went to an antique/junk shop called circa. they had a decent pyrex collection - a whole wall! not sure about prices, but..... :)