Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Did I mention

Did I mention a couple months back I rearranged our bedroom?

I moved the bed over to the side of the room so the window sort of functions as a head board of sorts. The wedding quilt looks a lot better to me on its very own wall.


The marble side table in the corner was actually my grandma's, and it holds books and crosswords and such. Each corner of the room on that side has a bundle of those reeds.


I got this cool platter/tray from Ikea back in early Spring and it's perfect for our dresser.


I use this vintage pyrex dish to give spare items a temporary home. I love the dish, and it's divided so it's like 2 containers in 1.


My paintchip art is hanging on the wall above the dresser. It gives some extra color to the room.


This bookcase in the corner houses a lot of our wedding stuff. I like this stuff here for now even though it is pretty cluttered. I am thinking of putting shelves up some how......that's another project for another time.


The other wall/window inherited these baskets. They hold random things we don't want on display. The big basket on top holds other blankets and pillows when we don't want to use them.


The room is much more functional now than it was before. There's no walking all around the bed to get to the other window on the side, since it is now basically the "headboard" for the bed. Much more space, too. I think when we originally moved in I wanted the bed on this wall, but for some reason we put it on the other wall. It just works so much better this way.


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