Monday, June 6, 2011

Tissue Paper Pomander

A friend of mine asked me if I knew how to make tissue paper pomanders. Over the weekend I gathered up some tissue paper I had and gave it a try.

I found some really good tutorials online, like this one here on Martha Stewart's website. The instructions are very easy to follow. The first couple tries of mine were with random colored tissue paper and they didn't come out all that great, so there are no photos of those. Then, on Saturday I picked up a couple packs of red tissue paper from Target for 99cents and made this one:

tissue paper pom

It took a little while to grow on me and I had to fluff it out several times to get the look I was going for. It's there now, I believe. I like it!

These would be excellent for party decoration or decor in a kids' room. And they are so cheap to make (it only took 8 sheets of tissue paper to make this one, and I bet you can make various sizes if you cut the tissue paper.) I love how easy and simple it was to make. It really can make a huge difference in party decoration.

I already had floral wire and scissors on hand. I used the scissors to round the ends of the tissue before I unfolded it. I like that this one pops and is bright and red.

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