Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random things to share

Here are some random things I wanted to share.

A chocolate fountain in action.


My shiny vintage canisters. Flour, sugar, coffee, and tea. (the coffee holds hot chocolate) I used Bar Keeper's friend on them to get them all nice and shiny. Love it!

my cannisters

Silos. Because every time I see one it makes me happy.


My dad's bluebird house and a bluebird sitting on top. I distorted the photo a bit and I like it.


My spinning card holder. I got this from the clean house yard sale, it was white. I spray painted it black and I like it. This way I can just grab what I need without having to sift through my cards. Each section is dedicated to a type of card..blank, thanks, birthday, congratulations, etc.

card reel

A while back I organized our linen closet. I just hated how bunched up sheets and stuff would get and it seemed like we had a gazillion towels and stuff. So, I consolidated. Donated and gave away a few things, but really just organized it all. And made room for more stuff.

linen closet organized!

You can see the top shelf has our queen size air bed rolled up nicely, with a brown down comforter and a spare pillow up there with it. The second shelf is dedicated to white hand towels/wash cloths, and other hand towels/wash cloths I couldn't part with. The third shelf has pillow cases, flat sheets, and fitted sheets. The fourth has a bin with extra items, like extra shampoo/soap, then in the middle is a first aid kit, and the other bin has travel sized items and things for guests to use. The 5th shelf has bathmats, a small rug, and some table cloths. And the very bottom section has a bed spread, another comforter, and a pack of new sheets I couldn't get rid of but may find someone to give them to (they are jersey pink full size).

It could be more organized but it is way better than it was before, thankfully. And it made me realize it's probably time to invest in a couple packs of just regular sheets. I am not sure why we have such mismatchy sheets..

Guacamole is fun to make. I made some from scratch a while back and just wanted to share this photo.


And here's a photo of some tissue poms I made for Paiges' graduation party..it just started raining when this photo was taken so they didn't last long but they were pretty neat if I do say so myself.


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