Friday, May 27, 2011

My cheery little cherry tomato plant

I have a cheery little cherry tomato plant! I am so happy about it. I got it over a month ago and planted it in a big pot and it has been getting a ton of sunshine on our back steps. Before I got it, my dad told me everything to do to ensure it would flourish. I got it a little early and took a chance (because I was really excited about planting/growing one), but it was still a little early and there were still a few threats of frost..risky!


Here is my cherry tomato plant on May 7th (3 weeks ago tomorrow). There were already tiny little yellow blossoms on it then.


and here it is just over a week ago:


See this cute little cherry tomato peeking out??


Look at my plant now (this was this morning):


And check out these guys!


and these!


I can't wait until they turn red!

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