Monday, April 25, 2011


T is for Trips.

Trips together.

Yesterday we went to Fossil Beach at our favorite Virginia State Park (in honor of Spring and Easter and Earth Day). We went easter-egg-fossil-hunting. We took plastic easter eggs with us and filled them with the fossils we found.

Together we found over 50 shark teeth, so it was well worth it!

We got there a little after 12 or so and stayed until around 5. It was fun and the weather was nice (even though I think I sweated buckets). There were a few other families coming and going but they didn't know what to look for..most of them had little kids so they were just out there enjoying the scenery/weather.

We saw some silk worms, toads, ducks, and bald eagles. I also saw a bunch of butterflies and managed to snap this photo:


On the way to Fossil Beach is a nice little hike.


The new community center before you start the hike is really nice. We've been there a couple times since it opened, it is really neat.





I also finally signed that letterbox that is there..and used the stamp in the letterbox to sign my letterboxing journal. Hope to find more letterboxes soon!


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