Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I is for imaginary.

Like imaginary friends, and big imaginations.

When I was little, I didn't have any imaginary friends. My twin brother was there, and I had 2 sisters to keep me entertained. I did have a big imagination though. Us kids were always playing games growing up.

We made mud pies and served them through the "drive thru" we made at our back yard swing set.
We made complete villages and towns in the dirt/soil.
We did the same with legos. We even made up our own lego restaurants and theme songs/jingles.
We had a doll house that we used to make stop motion videos out of (called "The Doll house Family"), and made up all of the lines (my sister and her cool video camera back then was the director).
We used to rollerskate in the basement, and we made up fake shops/stores and sort of had a little mall going on down there. My dad's area with all of his tools/automotive supplies was called "Gerry's Auto." We even called the deep freezer down there a grocery store (we made it up). And the laundry area was a laundromat. Even more-we put paper traffic lights up and obeyed traffic laws as we were "driving" (rollerskating) through "town."
When we visited Smith Mountain Lake, we would pretend to be mermaids when we were out there swimming in the lake.
We used to play "school", and actually got graded.
We also played "store" and would actually buy things from my sister.
We played "radio" too, and had our own radio shows going on (recorded on cassette tapes back then).

So, we had a pretty good imagination growing up. We made up a lot of things to keep busy. We had lots of things growing up, I will admit that, but thinking about it I seemed to enjoy the imaginary things more.

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  1. I would have to agree the imaginary things were much better. Do you remember the newspapers we made? Mine was called "The News" and you were my competitor "The National News". haha
    Yep, the store was actual items I sold laid out on my bed. All for like 5 cents and 1 cent. haha It was my mini yard sale. We had earthworm races outside.... and we played princesses and Billy was the prince. haha And we would run thru the woods on the path to get to the next 'land'. The farmers market was always in the back on the concrete slab. Downstairs we named it basementville. Soap suds was the laundry mat and shop n go was the grocery store. haha We also would make mailboxes and fake mail to each other. And then there was barbies, littlest pet shop, etc. Thanks for the MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!! :D All of our ideas should be put into some type of journal.