Friday, April 22, 2011


Q is for quilt.

This is our wedding guest book quilt:


My husband's second cousin Mary Clare made this for us. She is a very talented quilter (it's a hobby of her's). I picked out and purchased the fabric and she worked with me on the design, and made it for us. There is even a leaf quilt pattern on it. The backing is leaf fabric. I think it's my favorite detail from our wedding. Much better than a dusty old book with some names in it we'd probably never look at again. This quilt we see every day and every time I read the messages I seem to discover a new one or one I didn't notice before. Sweet.

This is what it looked like before our wedding:
quilt guest book

During our wedding:


It is full of messages and signatures. It now hangs above our bed. Once we have a house, we will find a better place for it. I want to have a real wedding wall one day, so it would most likely hang on a big wall and be surrounded by framed wedding photos.

This quilt here was a wedding gift from my sister Bonnie and her husband Nathan. They got it for us in Ohio, where Nathan's family lives. One of his Amish relatives actually makes quilts and this was one she made. It is gorgeous. When we have a house, this will most likely be in a guest room, either hanging or on a bed. I love the turquoise and cream colors in the design.


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