Saturday, April 16, 2011


L is for LOTS of fun!

Today I went to the Style Network's show CLEAN HOUSE YARD SALE. it was lots of fun!

clean house yard sale

Who wants a Cleeeeean Houuuuuse??

A friend told me about it the other day (it was mentioned on the local news). You can read/see the news article here:,0,3871092.story
This house is the messiest home in the country, so they were filming that episode..crazy that it was right here in RVA!

Anyway, anyone who knows me knows that I love that show. I love Niecy Nash and I loooove the cast on the show and everything that goes on. I used to love watching the episodes back to back when we paid for tv..anyway now there is a new host and some different cast members, but today I did get to see Matt Iseman and high five him, which was cool. I am sure I will be able to catch myself when the episode airs on June'll be fun to watch.

The sale was from 9 to 1 at the Showplace here in Richmond..and let me tell you-the Showplace was packed full of things to sell. I was amazed at the great job the crew from the show did putting the sale together. It was a lot of fun seeing it all in action and getting to see people from the tv show. I got there a little before 9 and stood in line, and a friend of mine got there in line with me. We got to go in around 9:30 (they had groups go in one at a time, probably b/c there were so many people there) and there was sooo much stuff. It was unbelievable..

I bought 7 items, most of them were brand new, for $16. Yes, just 16 bucks!


Here's what I got:

metal spinning rack thing-I plan on spray painting it and using it for my craft stuff and maybe displaying cards and/or stuff to sell when I do some shows.

rolling pin with dough sheets-the pin is pretty much brand new, I don't think it was ever even used. it's awesome (daniel hates our tapered french pin so i thought he would like this one better)

microplane grater/zester thing-brand new.

canvas storage bin- new

huge glass jar-going to use for storage or as a big vase. i love jar vases.

wooden wine box-probably never used, but will be decoupaged and used for fossils or other treasures.

kuhn rikon decorating kit-i have wanted this for a while now and got this one brand new!


Anyway, I hope the homeowner had a successful sale (I am sure she did considering what I witnessed today) and I hope she really appreciates everything the Clean House crew has done and will do for her and her house. It's going to be a great episode!!

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