Friday, April 22, 2011


S is for Sweets.

Sweet cake pops. SO MANY cake pops.

I have been whipping up cake pops so fast many people have been placing orders and I love it!

Here are some of the orders I have done this past month:

Several VCU themed pops were ordered: (devil's food cake with vanilla frosting)

They had these Rams on them that I made, for the occasion:

These were ordered for a family birthday party: (yellow cake with vanilla frosting)
birthday balloon cake pops order #5

4 dozen of these were ordered for a huge 50th birthday party: (lemon cake with lemon frosting and yellow cake with chocolate frosting)

Here is the same order bagged up:

I made these for Earth Day to take to the office:

And these are for Spring/Easter:
spring/easter cake pops

I love putting bunches of them in small mason jars and giving to people, and/or displaying them like a bouquet in the jar. They are so colorful and cute. Tons of fun to make! I love giving them to everyone.

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