Friday, April 1, 2011

My first book..

The first book I ever read when I was in kindergarten was 'Here Comes Winter' by Craig & Karas. I remember this book and how detailed the descriptions were. I liked it because the main character's name was Billy and he was a rabbit. He had to make his coat for winter because it was getting really cold in the book you read about how he makes the coat. He goes to all of the stores to gather all of the supplies he needs for it, and each store his friends tell him what to do for each part. It's very cute.

It took me a while to figure out the name of this book. It has been forever since I could remember the name. I always knew the story though and could remember the pictures, so it was pretty easy to find by using my google sleuthing skills. I found it on and went ahead and ordered the book. I want my own kids to read this one day.

I went on a random ikea trip a few weeks back, and picked these adorable plush/soft toy fruit and veggies:


I had seen them in the catalog and at the store the last few this time I just had to get them. Another purchase for the far future.

When I was at ikea, I also picked up a duvet cover..I really like it:



I am working on figuring out something for the headboard on the bed. The bed is from ikea from years ago, and they used to sell these cushion type things that velcroed to that part of the bed, but I didn't really care for them back then. Now I wish we had something there. There are also things I have seen where you get enough squares in the colors you want and build your own headboard and hang it on the wall..I may do something like that..we'd have to move the quilt someplace else.

We also acquired this Wurlitzer student butterfly baby-baby grand piano. It is adorable. We spotted it at Class & Trash a while back, and I decided to get it for Daniel as an early anniversary gift. The one we have definitely does not look this great, but I got it for a great price and we hope to get it looking good one day. Fayth & Tom are actually holding it in storage for us right now, and they are experts at refinishing/staining things, so hopefully one day (with their help & guidance of course) it will look beautiful like the one in the above photo.

How funny-3 of these things are for future kids. No more shopping for them any time soon.

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