Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I'm Loving..

This week's What I'm Loving post..

Flowers! My new boss brought me flowers yesterday from her garden. I put them on my windowsill at our new townhouse. They are so pretty and remind me of the zinnias my dad used to always grow in his garden when I was a kid.

Nana cookies! I made these for Jahnissi for her going-awake Bake-Off. She requested Nana cookies, and I thought cupcakes would be fun to make. I used red cake decorating gel to make the cherries, white frosting, and purple and pink sprinkles. I also made her some VCU themed cupcake Nana cookies. They were a hit!

Flip flops, especially the cheap ones from Old Navy that come in every color imaginable. I bought several pairs earlier in the Spring when they had them all for $1. What a great deal!

Deluca Gelato is this cute little gelato place in Richmond and it is sooo good! Anna and I went after our cooking class this week and I got the pistachio gelato. It is the closest thing to real gelato from Italy that we have here in Richmond..and I am definitely going back! They are great!

My sister Bonnie! This is a photo of us, I am in the sunglasses. We have been sisters since I was born in 1985. I have always looked up to her and still do today. She is 6 years older than me, and growing up we always did everything together. I am sure I was the annoying little sister back then (and probably still am and will always be), but she is the best sister anyone could ever ask for.

My nephews Joseph and Adam. Natalie is my oldest sister and these are her 2 boys. Joseph just turned 12 on 7/14, and Adam is 5. Adam is starting kindergarten this year and Joseph will be in 7th's crazy how fast kids grow up. Daniel met Joseph when he was a baby at 2 years old. Both of my nephews are pretty good kids.

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