Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back from FL!

We got back from FL late Monday/early Tuesday. It was a nice trip, but there was a lot of rain. Not regular FL rain, either, it was stormy rain because of the storm in the gulf.

The big birthday bash was a success, and we had a lot of fun spending time with everyone. The party on Saturday had over 60+ family and friends. We celebrated Nana's 80th, and also 2 of the great-grand daughters' birthdays (Desiree's 8th and Whitley's 3rd), and Franc's girlfriend Beverly's birthday as well. There was a ton of food and cake, and we sang happy birthday to pretty much each person there at the was a lot of fun. Lots of time in the pool, watching the World Cup games (GO GERMANY!!!), and there was a soccer ball pinata for Desiree's friends.

On Sunday, Daniel, Jonathan, Peyton, Georgia, Paige, and I all went fishing for a little while..we had to get out of the house we were cooped up in all weekend, while there was a little break in the rain. The guys caught a couple small fish, and Paige caught a couple as well..we threw them all back. Later on Sunday we all hung out at TaMem's and Uncle Scotty's house, and the Brown bunch all got together and sang family songs..then had a dance party. Crazy but fun!

On Monday we did go to the beach for a little while, in between the raining. We went to Honeymoon Island, which was really cool because the entire beach was covered in shells. TaMem, TanteAngie, Peyton, Masie, Daniel, and I went. We could have spent all day there, but we had to get back to the house to leave for the airport. We did gather some shells though, I will take some photos of those after the move & after I wash them all.

Some highlights of the trip:

Beverly's birthday cheeseburger cake-it was actually really good and not as much frosting as it looks!

GO GERMANY!! Daniel & JB wore their Germany 98' WC jersies from their Uncle Ernst.

Daniel & Nana :)

The Brown bunch singing and dancing.

Siblings fishing

Me fishing

Girls fishing

Brothers fishing.

Honeymoon Island..tons of shells!!!

Clouds in the sky flying home.

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