Friday, July 2, 2010

What I'm Loving...

Just wanted to make a quick 'What I'm Loving' thread before I head off to FL for the weekend.

My dymo labeler. It has come in handy during all of the packing we've been doing for the move. We have a lot of boxes from friends that we plan on returning to them, so I have labeled each box with their name...also labeled those boxes with the contents. It makes it so much cleaner and more organized, too. (yeah, we wrote on most of our own cardboard boxes but that's okay)

I'm also loving Florida, and I'm not even there yet! I am hoping for awesome weather while we are there, so we can spend plenty of time on the beach.

That brings me to the beach. I love the beach! Any kind of beach, too. We love to go to Fossil Beach and hunt for shark teeth and other fossils. We spent our honeymoon on Venice Beach in Florida, and we also spent a lot of time on Casperson beach looking for shark teeth (it's the shark tooth capital of the world). Virginia Beach is also pretty's nice living so close to DC, the mountains, and the beach!! Virginia has pretty much every type of setting. So, yes, I love the state of Virginia too.

That's all for today. We have to head to the airport soon. I will post photos of things I love later.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Independence Day everyone!


  1. Love your list! Where are you going in FL? I've been in Jacksonville for wayyyyy too long now lol.

  2. Katie-we were in New Port Richey for the weekend, it's about 20-30 min. from Tampa.