Thursday, August 25, 2011


Since I live in Richmond, VA, I definitely felt the East Coast 5.9 earthquake on Tuesday.

This was what we found at home:

Our bottle of EVOO on the stove fell. We also had some crooked frames and a couple things fell down in the shower. That was all.

It was a neat experience. There have been several aftershocks, but last night was the first aftershock I felt. It actually woke me up and kind of made me mad because I was trying to sleep..had to get up extra early today so I could find parking before the madness started on campus. Today's the first day of classes for students here and I did not want to have any trouble looking for parking. Luckily, I found a free all-day spot.

I am glad that everyone's okay after the earthquake. It was a neat experience for me. My second earthquake ever (the last one I felt 7-8 years ago while in Richmond, VA). I am sort of looking forward to more aftershocks just because it's such a neat phenomenon (as long as no one gets hurt). I heard that the aftershocks can last about a week or so. We shall see!

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