Monday, August 22, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2011

My sister Bonnie and I went to the Hot Air Balloon festival at the Flying Circus on Saturday evening. It was so cool!


I love hot air balloons, but I am not ready to ride in one (they are expensive to ride, but I am also probably too scared). One day I do want to ride in one, though.

It was so neat getting to see all the colorful balloons. When we got to the Flying Circus, we checked out all of the planes that were flying around and were on display. We took a bunch of photos, too.


This is a basket for a hot air balloon that we saw in the back of a truck. It was so small and not what I imagined! I always thought hot air balloon baskets were huge and could fit a bunch of people to ride in them. I was wrong!


We rode this hay ride for $1 and the man, "Grandpa" drove us around for about half an hour, stopping every now and then to tell us about the history of the Flying Circus. He was so nice and really interested in the place and I could tell he really enjoyed driving the tractor around and telling people stories. He almost reminded me of my dad the way he played jokes on us during the ride!


When we were riding the tractor, we spied this behind some trees:


We also saw this guy sneak around some trees:


When we went around the other trees, here was a rainbow balloon being blown up:


We were really close to it and could feel the fire!



Here it is taking off:


This guy set his up all by himself, and he even wore it like a backpack.



This was my favorite hot air balloon (they were all gorgeous!):


And some more balloons..



Here's a bunch of the hot air balloons in the sky:


And another sky shot:


It was a great day! I will definitely go back again (maybe in several years), and hope to take my own kids to this one day. It was very exciting!

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