Monday, August 22, 2011

Movin' in!

On Saturday morning, I helped Daniel's little cousin Paige and her mom get her moved into her dorm room! She is starting her first year of college!! I remember meeting her when she was just 8 years old, over 10 years ago. Time has flown by..

We had 2 cars, and we parked on the side of the street next to her building and unloaded. I moved the cars to parking after we were unloaded and we took turns taking items up to her room (we took the stairs, her room isn't very high up). Eventually we got a cart to take the rest of her bigger items up with the elevator, but we got her moved in pretty fast, considering the craziness that move in days usually are.

Here is Paige and her mom standing on the sidewalk with all of Paige's college belongings:


We saw so many other students with TONS of stuff. She definitely did not bring as much as most other students brought. I saw one student with cases of drinks and snacks that they must have bought from Costco....! You probably won't even eat all of that in one semester..

We also saw some VIPs walking around, like the university president, some other staff members, and the dean of the students. It was neat seeing everybody involved with move-in day!

Here is Paige after we got her moved into her room and set up for the most part:



Hope her first semester is as amazing as ever!

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