Thursday, August 4, 2011

6 years ago..

6 years ago (in August) we rescued Dr. Wily and brought him into our home and our lives.


I never thought I could get so attached to an animal. He was such a small kitten, only a few weeks old when we rescued him (his birthday is July 10th, 2005).

This is from his first Halloween:


He hates costumes.

Playing with bubbles he got for his first Christmas:

ashley dr wily

He loves to chase things and tear things apart. He used to love playing with ribbon but I got scared it was a choking hazard and stopped letting him play with that. Now he gets to chase lights.

Here's his first Valentine's Day:


He always loves to snuggle up near us with a blanket. I think he's scared to be alone when he sleeps. We know he's afraid of the dark.

Giving himself a bath, what he does best:


He always smells so clean. It's funny because most cats I have seen are actually kind of gross or need baths. Dr. Wily is very particular about his grooming. He grooms alllllllll the time, if he's not sleeping.

Meeting his turtle brother Bob, when we brought Bob home with us in 2006 (he had been with some of the other Brown bunch before for several years):

Dr. Wily and Bob

He doesn't really care for Bob too fact we keep Bob in a separate room that's always closed. If we left him in the open, Bob would probably never come out of his shell because of the D Dubs.

Playing with a present he got for his first birthday:


Stretching after a cat nap:

92606 009

Hanging out in a basket for Easter:


He hates posing for photos, as you can see.

Laying in the sun on Thanksgiving:




Christmas 2010, under the tree:

Dr. Wily under the christmas tree

He loves our Christmas tree. Loves tearing it apart and attacking the ornaments which are always nice and shiny. And there's lots of sparkly lights for him to look at, too. And attack.

Sitting on top of the TV armoire, where he's not supposed to:


We've since moved some furniture around so he can't jump on that (and then onto the armoire). I know cats like high places, but DW can't get up there anymore.

Being cute:


Sleeping with his cat blanket (he likes the ladies):


Last Fall Dr. Wily gave us quite the scare. It was a wake up call for us I think because we'd never really had to go through anything so scary personally/medically before. We have really grown attached to our cat and knowing he was in so much pain was heartbreaking. Luckily we were able to save him and he had a couple of successful surgeries. All the staff at the vet's office were great and I am really thankful they were so nice to explain everything to us and make sure he was in the best care.

He had a long recovery but he made it. He lost a lot of weight, but he has since gained a good amount of that back. He is such a trooper and even though he may be bratty and sometimes we call him Dr. Whiney, we love him so much and would not trade him for any other pet in the world. He's one of a kind. I don't think there could ever be a cat that could take his place (we probably won't get another one after he is gone).

As weird as it may sound, I honestly think this scare last year was good practice for us. We were able to see how we would react to certain situations and who would take charge and ask the doctors questions. We really do love him a lot, and it was interesting to see how things went down during all the stress and trauma. Back then I remember saying if I acted so scared with DW, how in the world would I react if he was a human child of mine??? Looking back now, I know I probably would have been the same, and Daniel would have taken charge. Like he did with DW, asking all the questions and taking care of everything. The whole ordeal really helped me prepare and now I know I'm a much stronger person and will be able to handle harder and more serious things in the future.

A favorite "glamour" shot:


Happy 6th birthday/anniversary, D Dubs! <3

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