Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's in our office...

Here's our's tiny but it works for us. We recently moved the piano into the living room and out of the I have my own area for my craft cabinet/cubbies.


When you walk in, this is what you will see. The dresser is from the same series as the dresser we have in our bedroom. In the corner to the left is my craft area, and to the right (which you can't see) are three big bookcases. We still need to tackle those, so I haven't taken any photos to share here. Embarrassing how cluttered they look! The craft area is a little cluttered but it's definitely a lot better than it was. I am slowly organizing it the way that I like it. I like to be able to just grab what I need when I am making it's convenient the way that it's currently set up.

On the wall we have our college diplomas hanging up. On the left side are some other college framed certificates, but those are not in this photo. Those curtains used to be in the bedroom but I didn't like how short they were (we now have long brown curtains that meet exactly at the carpet in the bedroom). I still wanted to put something on the windows in the office, so I put these up in here. It's simple and works for the space. There's 2 panels on both windows (and one window is smaller than the other just like in the bedroom, but I also hung the rods the same so they look the same size).

There is a closet in the bedroom but it houses Daniel's clothes as well as some extra closet items we don't want hanging out in the office. The closet in the bedroom is mostly my stuff and some storage.


Here is the small little desk where Daniel's computer sits. We both have laptops but lately we have been using the desktop more than the laptops. I guess since the office is looking so much better now we want to spend more time in it!


Of course we have an MJ tribute on the wall..Daniel's framed Thriller record.


This is probably my favorite thing hanging on the wall in the office. I want to get it framed sometime soon. It is a map of NYC, with a house number and transit guide on it. I actually found it at a store in Carytown a while back..and it's actually sold as a sheet of wrapping paper. It's a thick sheet of paper, though. and it has the map company logo in the bottom, but it's printed by Cavallini Papers & Co. I love it!


These are some random frames we have on top of one of the bookcases. I didn't want to hang them on the walls but I still wanted to keep them around.


We also have this in the office, but I haven't gotten around to hanging it up. I think it should be framed. We got it on our honeymoon..and it's kinda cool because it's a print for the silent movie for Phantom of the Opera. It's neat that we went to see the broadway version in NYC for our second anniversary..kinda ties it all together.

Once the bookcases are tackled, I'll post another entry about the office. That's all for now!

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