Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's in our bedroom?

Recently we changed some things up a bit with the decor in our bedroom.

We moved in 6 months ago and I just didn't like the way anything was set up. First of all, I didn't want to move, but now I have finally come to terms with it. Our new place is a lot cozier than the last. I can only hope the next place we move to is a house. It'll be nice to not have to worry when Daniel plays piano if the neighbors are mad at us. It will just be nice to have our own walls and our own place. We have made this place our's, so it will have to do for now.

So anyway, here's some photos of the master bedroom:


The view when you walk in. I love the long brown curtains. They are taffeta and each window has 2 panels. We hung the rods and measured them the same. One window is bigger than the other window, but both windows look much bigger with the way we have hung the rods and curtains. Each window also has curtain holders on each side to hold the curtains, even though they could easily just slide to the side..I just like the look of them.


The side wall and our "Brown" sign. I got these letters a long time ago from Kohl's and just couldn't resist. I had a lot of plans for them but never followed through and we have finally decided to give them a home in our bedroom. I like the way we hung them might find it weird but it just works for our space.


This is in the corner of the room, a small bookcase with different things from our wedding/about us on it. In the corner is a bundle of branches I got from Hobby Lobby and I also have the same bundle in the opposite corner of the room. On the top of the bookcase is my wedding bouquet, a candle, and a cool pot with different feathery things in it that I like. Hanging above the bookcase is a photo of us in Central Park (NYC) together. It's one of my favorite photos of us as a married couple.

Also on the bookcase is a basket we received as a wedding gift from Daniel's great aunt Angelia, and some other little trinkets we want to hold on to. Like the vase of origami hearts. The vase of seashells from our honeymoon. The vase Daniel's Granny gave us as a wedding gift, filled with some vintage bingo balls with our wedding date and some of our origami roses. There's also an old photo of us from 2004, a fossil beach photo, and a jar of shark teeth we collected on our honeymoon. A photo of the sunset from our honeymoon, a carved & personalized ostrich egg (another wedding gift, from the Egg Man, Ron Cheruka, who is a family friend), and our wedding album, some other wedding photos, and another cool vase I picked up that has birds on it. Daniel's boutonniere is also on there. Oh the things we hold onto...


The dresser with the stereo, and a couple of the centerpieces from our wedding. On the wall are a couple of prints we got as a wedding gift from Daniel's great Aunt Georgia Anne. The prints are original P. Buckley Moss prints. The guy playing the piano looks just like Daniel.. :)


Our bed and our wedding "guest book" quilt hanging above it. We love it and this was the perfect place for us to display it. On the other wall is a frame with some wedding photos.

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  1. I love how you've made the master a sanctuary for yourselves. You're surrounded by reminders of your life together - both past and present :) Love it.

    'specially the brown letters :) very personal.