Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year everyone!

bubbly on new year's eve 2010

We had a nice dinner together and watched the ball drop on new year's eve. We spent the evening watching season 8 of 24 (which we later finished over the weekend). Someone in the neighborhood had fireworks, but we just soaked up the moment and taking in the fact that it's a new year.

During my break from work, a lot happened. Christmas eve/Christmas with my in-laws and the Fernandez family. A huge snow storm. Interesting discoveries. Lots of time with the Mr. and home improvements. New goals and dreams. Checking everything off my to-do list and having a clean slate for the new year. All of the Christmas stuff was put away and our entire home was completely cleaned out in time for the new year. It's always good to do a whole clean sweep to prepare for the new year, so you can start the year off right.

We recently bought a dresser (from the same series as our other dresser) from Ikea (awesome sale price), and we rearranged our office completely. The piano is now in our living room and now I have a separate area in our office for my "stuff." This includes my craft/stamp stuff. I also bought new curtains for our bedroom and hung them up-they are brown and really long. I reorganized our closets and made a huge donation pile. I'm not even going to bother with a yard sale any time soon-the donation pile is going straight to Goodwill.

Dresser we already had:

New dresser:

(the wood for our dressers is the same)

I also hung up a couple of spice racks (Ikea again) in the kitchen, and they are just perfect for holding the spices we have on hand.

I was thinking recently that it would be cool to frame some of the back of Cook's Illustrated magazines. Every now and then Daniel brings me some (from work), and I tear off the backs I really like. If I frame any of them I will hang them in our kitchen/nook area.

I saw this place listed in a Richmond magazine.. Gather. It is an awesome looking shop I am going to have to check out.

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