Monday, January 31, 2011

Cake Pops!

My friend David was asking me for fundraising ideas last week for his student organization, and I was thinking it would be neat if his group made cake pops and sold them for $1 each. They could make them in VCU colors (black & gold..or yellow since gold candy coating is hard to find).

Bakerella ( is awesome and I love her cake pops. They are perfect for any little occasion especially if you want to do something new or different, besides the old cupcake/cake routine.

I made some yesterday as a test run to show David and get his thoughts on them.

Here are my step by step instructions:


Get a boxed cake mix and tub of frosting. I used devil's food cake mix.


Bake the cake!


Put the cake in the oven. Takes about 30 minutes to bake in a 13x9 pan.


Wash up while you are waiting.


Look at your reflection in your favorite pyrex bowl.


Make sure the cake is done after the timer goes off. Let it cool!


Once the cake cools completely, crumble that thing up!


Then, mix 3/4 of the frosting in with the cake crumbliness.


Roll the cake mixture into balls. You should get about 4 dozen. I got 40.


Pop 'em in the freezer for 15 minutes. Or cover them and place them in the fridge for a couple hours, if you can wait that long.


Get your candy chips in your second favorite pyrex bowl. I used yellow, since VCU's colors are black & gold.


Melt those chips down! You can heat them in the microwave on 30 second intervals. Keep stirring in between intervals until melted. Don't burn them. You want a smooth consistency that is not thick.


Dip the end of the stick in the melted candy coating. Then pop it in the ball (don't go through the top!). Dip the ball in the candy coating to cover it completely and then tap it on the side of the bowl to get the excess coating off. Stick in a styrofoam block to dry.


Cover with sprinkles of your choice. When dried, you can write on them with edible markers (food coloring markers). I have some and will try that later.


It's okay if you mess up one one. You can try to fix it or you can eat it. Or something.


Wrap 'em up! I use little treat bags to wrap them, and then tie them off with a twist tie. The twist tie package they sell at craft stores comes with 50, but they are big enough you can cut them in half to get 100. The bags are sold in all sizes and usually packs of 50 or 100. The sticks you can get at the same well as the candy coating. The candy coating tastes like white chocolate.

I tried making cake pops in the past with regular chocolate but it doesn't work the same way because the consistency of the chocolate is too thick compared to the candy coating.

Anyway, I hope David and his group like the cake pops and it will be fun to see these around campus.


  1. OMG! so have a really high quality camera that makes all this look even better. These are gonna make some serious cake for the ambassadors ;)

  2. Very cool....they look very yummy!! Cake on a can you go wrong? LOL :D