Monday, March 21, 2011


I am actually down 20 pounds today from when I started my organic kick on March 1st. It sounds extreme but I think most of it has to do with the fact that I have only been drinking water.

I have been keeping a food log on a private blog of mine, to help me keep track of things I have been eating this month and what's been good/bad/etc. I definitely notice changes when I eat red meat-it makes me want something more. I never ate a lot of red meat before this, but thinking about it now, when I do have red meat I do usually eat a lot more than I should.

It's been hard the last week since I have been sick, but I haven't given in. I might have had a slip or 2 this month, but it's a little hard when you are celebrating birthdays with friends/family. Like a bite of a mozzarella stick I had at David's birthday dinner. Or the sip of a vodka & tonic I had at Uncle Ray's birthday roast this past weekend in GA. I need some more protein in my diet since I haven't had much of it in the last week.

I think most of it though has to do with the calorie limits and the extra exercise. Even parking extra further away at work makes a difference. I don't pay for parking so every day I have to hunt for street parking, and this month I have been so far away from campus it's like a little hike to and from the office in the morning 5 days a week.

Overall though, I feel really good. It doesn't really look to me like I have lost much, but I can tell my face is a little thinner and my clothes are a little looser. The dress I wore to the party this weekend was bigger on me than it was when I bought it a couple of months ago.

I only have a week to go on this plan, since it's only for 28 days. But, I am not even counting down anymore. Sure, there are some foods I'd like to slowly bring back into the picture, but I'll be making a ton of more healthy choices from here on out. I am happy and willing to make the changes I need to make to get where I want to be.

And, water wins. Especially that essence water.