Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How cool is it..

How cool is that Richmond is the college basketball capital of the nation right now? I am loving the fact that University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University are both in the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tourney. The last big thing for VCU in the tourney was when we beat Duke in 2007..we played again in 2009, but this is our first time making it to the Sweet Sixteen! I am so happy and excited for our team. It's a great thing for the city of Richmond, too! At this point it doesn't even really matter much to me if we win or lose the game on Friday, it's just so cool that we got this far.

I love March Madness! but I love it even more when my rams are playing.

If both teams win their games this Friday, then the 2 will face each other in the Elite Eight game, to fight for a spot in the Final exciting. Go Spiders! Go Rams! Of course, I would have to root for my Rams if it gets to that point..gotta show my support.

I am all ready for the game this Friday. I got my sweet 16 tshirt from a local independent book store on the VCU campus.


I made my own little VCU themed wreath to hang on my door (very simple but to the point),


and I already hung up my VCU Rams flag in our front window.


I have black and gold nail polish to put on this week


and I have my pennant on display at work and some other VCU themed things at my desk.


I'm planning on making some cake pops to bring into work on Friday and share with the office..VCU themed cake pops, that is.


Over the weekend we stopped at this stamp shop and I picked this up for $1:


I have some ideas for it :)

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  1. I'm not into basketball at all, but I feel like it is my Richmond duty to watch both games on Friday! How exciting! :)