Friday, March 4, 2011

Hummus for the rest of us..

I have discovered hummus. I feel like I have struck gold.

I had tried some years ago but didn't like it..maybe I was just being closed minded. Who knows.

But yesterday at Ellwood Thompson's I picked up some things to stay on track and I also picked up some organic garlic hummus. It is delicious!!

The ingredients are:

lemon juice
tahini (sesame paste)

I feel so good now that I am only drinking water-my head is clear and I don't miss soda. I love the carbonated feeling soda gives me but I have come to realize it is a real speed bump.

Yeah for water! Yeah for hummus! :)


  1. you said sesame...and you know what that makes me think of now! haha

    hummus is awesome! i hate to admit this, but i have been getting hummus and pita sets for lunch at wawa and it's pretty darn good...for gas station hummus.

  2. Glad you found something new that you love! I also don't miss soda as much as I thought I would so thats a plus.