Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 day weekend

The new pool at our apartment complex finally opened up on Friday, as most everyone who knows me already knows, since I have been so excited about it. Daniel & I have been looking forward to this for a very long time now; we have lived here for 5 years already. Even though we move out in July, we are really going to take advantage of this pool. The pool is like going to the spa! It's salt-water! There is a new awesome 2 level clubhouse, which contains a starbucks drink machine, lounging areas with beautiful decor and furniture, huge televisions, pool tables, an awesome kitchen and bar, as well as plenty of tables for eating/entertaining. There is a full fitness center, too. And, the bathrooms are gorgeous!

Outside there are a few really nice big grills for residents to use. I mean, why own all this stuff when you can rent and have awesome amenities..these are resort style! Our property management really loves its residents..and this new clubhouse and pool shows it. It is simply amazing.

On Friday after work, I spent some time out there, checking things out. And then yesterday afternoon (after an early morning yard sale) I showed Daniel around, and then we swam in the pool for a bit. My dad brought my nephews down and we ate dinner-we grilled on our foreman at the apartment-and I took the boys swimming (next time I will have to grill on the real grill by the pool).

A little later, my dad, nephews and I went to a Richmond Flying Squirrels Baseball game. My dad had been looking forward to it for months. Since the team started in February, he has been talking about going to a game. The last actual baseball game he went to was back in 95 or 96, to a Baltimore Orioles game with me, my brother, and my oldest this game was a long time coming for him. Joseph went to a Richmond Braves game a couple of years ago, so he was excited about this, and Adam had never been to a baseball game so it was totally new for him.

Everybody had a lot of fun. The Squirrels won, 7-3. There were over 9,300 people in attendance last night, and after the game, there was a fireworks show. The boys and my dad really enjoyed it. Joseph kept talking about how great it was on the walk back to the car, and on the drive back to my apartment. My dad had a smile on his face during the entire game. Adam thought it was cool, too. I took a ton of photos during the game, and I tried to sneak some of my dad and the boys. I ended up getting a couple good ones especially during the fireworks show; I don't think they knew I was taking pictures of them.

Today was an enjoyable lazy day. I slept in late, got up and took a really long shower. Then I went to the pool to lay out in the sun, along with my new Real Simple magazine. I swam for a while, too. And then sat out in the sun some more, gave myself a mani/pedi, and kept on reading/relaxing. It was so nice..and I really need to work on my tan. I want to have some color before July gets here (our FL trip)!

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  1. looks like good times! i was asleep by 8 :)