Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday I came home from work and Daniel was making homemade peanut butter cups.

I'm not really too much of a fan of peanut butter, but I tried one and it was pretty good. He also made some with cookie dough (instead of pb), and a couple with bacon (ewww!).

For dinner I made maple-ginger glazed chicken, with a side of steamed rice & veggies, and some of my homemade wheels & cheese. It came out great & Daniel said it looked and tasted like a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant. He said the chicken was great-sweet but also spicy. A good combination. Another recipe for my future cookbook!

Did I mention the cookbook? I was thinking a while back that if I can write a novel in 30 days (a pretty cheesy one, IMO), I should be able to write a cookbook, too. I don't think I will give myself a deadline like the nanowrimo project, but I will give myself some sort of time frame to have it finished, once I actually start on it. Goals.. I have been taking a lot of photos of things we've been making lately, so maybe I could use those in the book, rather than making all that stuff all over again (or I could do it again and just carefully plan it while we make each meal). It would be really cool to bind it and give it as a gift to people.

A friend/coworker of mine is moving into her very own apartment-I was thinking of putting together some recipes for her in a little tin or flip book, so she will have some inspiration to make things or just some really good solid recipes on hand to always count on.

Looking through grocery receipts, it's amazing how much money you can save by buying all of your ingredients and making things at home. People spend way too much money at restaurants & fast food. I honestly don't remember the last time Daniel and I went out together, just the two of us, to a restaurant. We enjoy our "dates" so much more at home with food we've made. We know what's in it, too. There are no critical violation stamps in our kitchen!

Our new pool & clubhouse opens up tomorrow at our apartment complex. I am so excited about it..I am going to be out there every single day..until we move. Once we move, I'll be at that pool every day too, since it's practically in my new back yard. :D

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