Monday, May 17, 2010

Yes I'm movin'..I'm really movin'..

Our lease for our apartment is up at the end of July..we have until June 1 to let our leasing office know of our plans.

Luckily, I was able to find a similar place still relatively close to work, in an area we both really like and feel safe in. The best part is that they are owned and operated by the same company that owns our current instead of waiting for our lease to end this summer, we just need to give them 30 days notice and we can transfer on over to the new place.

The new place is townhouse-style. It's less square footage than the current place, but it has an upstairs level. No one will be above or below us! And, if we get an end unit, we'll still have a whole side of our own and wouldn't really need to worry if we have noisy neighbors (which I don't think will be a problem based on the type of community this is). Anyway, the smaller space won't be an issue at all because I already toured their model apartment and already made plans on where to put all of our furniture and things. The space will definitely be used. Currently, we have a lot of empty space we don't really use, like our living room has an empty area in it, and so does our we have a good chunk of unusable space right now. With the new place, we'll be able to utilize all of the space there, and it will be nice and cozy.

It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, which are upstairs. On the main level is the living room and kitchen/nook area. We have a private front door and back door, and we can even set up patio furniture in the back if we wanted to..I am thinking a small picnic table would be perfect, maybe one with pockets on the side so I can grow some herbs (or I can get a hanger for the railing out back and grow them there).

We're allowed to paint inside, so we might paint an accent wall or two. I am excited about that, because plain colored walls are so boring.

The kitchen is fully updated, there's a full size washer/dryer, and plenty of room for me to place my pyrex cabinet. There's no pantry, but tons of cabinet space compared to our current place, so we could designate the bigger cabinet to the pantry.

I played around with a little floor plan and put the screenshot of it on my flickr page. We'd be saving over $100 a month at this new place, so that's a definite plus. It's time to move on..we've been at our current place for 5 years now. As sad as I am to leave it, it's time to move on.

So last night when I got home, we started on the living room boxing things up. I decided that I want to get a head start on all of it, and that we're not packing anything we don't want to take with us to the new place. So, I already have 2 boxes of yardsale stuff again, and Daniel has some other things to list on ebay to sell. Hopefully our current place will let us have a yard sale out front (there is a big area which looks perfect for it). If not, we'll have to do something else for that.

Tonight I am going to start packing up the kitchen (things we won't need until after the move).

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