Friday, May 14, 2010

Fried Chicken

A couple of days ago, Daniel had a bad day at work, so I decided to make a really nice dinner for him..but I also decided to try something new at the same time. Thankfully, I had already sort of planned ahead to make this..

I decided to make fried chicken, Pioneer Woman style. I followed everything by the book and it came out perfectly.

It was really easy to make, too. I used my cast iron dutch oven to fry it in..and lots of pyrex to prep. He liked it a lot..he even took leftovers to work and his coworkers were all impressed.

Oil heating up..

Chicken soaked in buttermilk (during the day while at work)

Mixing the breading ingredients..

Coating the chicken with the breading mixture..

Fryin' it up! Cool! It looks good already..I was impressed.

Cheesy au gratin potatoes..

A big plate of some homemade fried chicken. Cool!

I'm so awesome..

What Daniel came home to, ready just in time..should have probably added something green though.

The best dishes to ever have to wash..pyrex! :)

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  1. Yes they are- Love that pictue:)

    Your dinner looks so good-yumm!